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Kid Drawn Pictures

One of the unique features of LessonPix is our "kid drawn" symbols. Kids often relate to pictures drawn by other kids. The pictures in this category are drawn by children under 12. They were not given a list. They just drew pictures they wanted to add to LessonPix from their own ideas. 

Check out these fun pictures!


Kid Drawn pictures are tagged with with a blue flag in the upper left corner. Don't worry - this flag does not show in materials or exports. 


Here are some materials from the Sharing Center featuring the kid-drawn symbols. 



Use the kid drawn in PowerPoint for interactive language games. Take a large picture and place the smaller pictures in the big picture. For example, place animals in a farm scene or bugs in a tree. Move, grow, and rotate the picture. Talk about where - on, over, under. Describe what the object is doing ("he is walking to the store", "it plays music") and relate to personal experiences ("my grandma has a big clock", or "have you ever seen a real penguin"?).  Here is a blank powerpoint with kid drawn pictures.


Who are these talented tots? Well they are friends and family who volunteered to share their talents with LessonPix members. Thank you to these amazing artists!