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Custom Dice

These paper dice are easy to create and great for many fun activities. Just selelct the pictures for the dice. Each dice holds 6 pictures. Once you create and print the material, simlly cut it out, fold, and attach with tape or glue.

Here are some fun activites to use with dice:

  • Reward Selection: Create dice with pictures of rewards such as "no homework", "extra playtime", or "treasure box". Roll the dice to determine which reward the students are working toward.
  • Move your body. Roll two dice with different body parts on them. Students move the parts that are shown on the dice. This activity is great for young children for motor planning and identifying body parts.
  • Story Starters: Use dice to identify character, setting, conflict, and/or resolution. Have students write story based on what pictures show on the dice. You can use one, two, or three dice.
  • Math Games: Place numbers or number quantities for math activities.
  • Song Selections: Place favorite songs on the dice. Students roll the dice to determine which song the class will sing.
  • Student Selection: Place student pictures on dice and roll to see who earns a prize or has a turn.
  • Center Selection: Students roll to determine in which center they will work.
  • Sight Word: Create dice with signt words or vocabulary words on it. Have students read the room looking for the matching word.
  • Chore assignment: Your child can roll the dice to see which chore is their job for the week. (Vacuum, dishes, sweep, etc)
  • Snack: Roll the dice to see wht is for snack today.
  • Feeling Dice: Roll dice with feeling on it. Write a story, paint a picture, or share about an experience with that feeling.

Here is a free sample of a dice with body parts.

More Dice Ideas: