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Clothespin Number Cards 

This material consists of basic number cards that hold a set of pictures. Below the pictures are a choice of three numerals. Students can select the matching numeral to the set using clothespins, bingo markers, or markers. There are three pages: sets 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12.

By customizing the number cards to go with a theme, articulation sounds, vocabulary, or holiday, you can infuse curriculum content in a simple math activity. For example, if a child has difficulty with ending /L/ sound, use the Soundfinder to select pictures that end in /L/: snail, call, angel, etc. As the child counts the pictures, they can also name the pictures giving practice to correctly pronouncing /L/ within a math learning center.   

The pictures can also be selected for the child's interest. If the child loves dinosaurs or trains, use these pictures to help keep the interest level in this task.

These cards are great for pairs of students to work together or place in a center. These cards are simple enough for a task box in an ASD classroom or a manipulative center to help in manipulating the clothespins.

Like a worksheet, there is an answer and they can be used in assessing a child's ability to count and match the numeral. (You can even have students color in the circle numeral just like a standardized test.) But unlike a worksheet, the students are also organizing materials and manipulating clothespins. And you can differentiate the instruction with these cards. Here are some examples:

  • Place numbers on the clothespins for students to match numeral to numeral.
  • Make cards that correspond to small manipulatives - such as counting bears or small snacks. Students can then place the manipulatives on the number cards matching with a one-to-one correspondence.
  • Write the correct numeral on the back of each card so students can check their work.
  • Use paper clips for students who can not easily manipulate clothespins.

Clothespin number cards are a simple math activity for matching numerals to sets of items. This is not an open-ended learning activity. Rather, it has a set end point and answers can be checked for understanding. Easy to make and easy to use.

Free Sample of Pirate-themed Clothespin Cards