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Puzzle Picture Cards

The puzzle picture cards has two pictures that match together in a puzzle connection. When selecting pictures into the tray (or organizing the order in the wizard), make sure that the pictures you want to match are next to each other. Once created, students can match picture to picture and see what fits together.  Here are some ideas:


Letter Sounds (Try using the Soundfinder)

  • Beginning Letter Sounds: cat / car, mouse / man, door / dog
  • Ending Letter Sounds: snail / shell, man / fin, fish / mustache
  • Articuation skills



  • cat / hat, dog / frog, tree / bee



  • near / far, tall / short, up / down, in / out, loud / quiet, stop / go, big / little, high / low, write / erase


Go Togethers

  • shoe / sock, candles / cake, pen / paper, fork / spoon


What's Missing?


  • Category and Picture: Food / apple, Clothes / shirt, Toys / ball, Pets / cat
  • Community Helpers: Fireman / hose, Construction worker / tools, Chef / pan
  • Related Pictures and Students figure out the category: cat / dog (both are pets), pretzel / popcorn (both are snacks), cap / baseball (both are in baseball)

Story Vocabulary

  • Books and Characters
  • Setting and Characters

Book: Animals from "Is Your Mama a Llama" by Deborah Guarino and Steven Kellogg

Story: We're Going on A Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen


Use text as symbols to match words that go together to make a contraction. 


Match the pair of homophones. These are from the story, "Bear Says Thanks" by Karma Wilson. 


Build spelling words with the train puzzle. 



Like all LessonPix materials, you can also use picture puzzle cards with your own photos. Here are some ideas using pictures you upload from your computer or smartphone

  • Use students photos - they find their partner by matching puzzle pieces for a cooperative learning activity.
  • Literature - match photo of books with picture of the main character
  • Match student photo to pictures of their lunchbox / backpack, or other belonging.
  • Match familiar face of school staff to picture of where they work.
  • Use pictures from the Great American Teach-in - match person to the job they do.

There are so many creative ways you can use this activity in a classroom, homeschooling, or therapy setting.


Here is are 2 Free Sample of Puzzle Picture Cards: Pirate and Alphabet. Have fun learning together!