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Number Cards

LessonPix offers three types of Number Cards to teach early math skills. These cards can be used in many ways to teach numerals and one-to-one correspondence. All of these cards can be made with specific pictures selected to reinforce classroom learning themes and units of study.


Puzzle Separator

This style of number cards produces cards that can be cut into puzzle shapes. These two-piece puzzles match the numeral with the corresponding number of custom pictures.

Pumpkin Number Cards Puzzle Separator


Separate Boxes

These number cards are just that- number cards. The pdf file contains six cards per page, all the same size: 3 numerals and 3 corresponding numbers sets of pictures. A teacher may select to print numerals 1-3 and 4-6 (or more) to use in various classroom activities such as matching games, memory, or scavenger hunt.

Free Sample Gingerbread Number Cards with separator


No Separator

Number Cards without a separator are rectangle shapes that contain one numeral and the corresponding number of custom pictures. There are three rectangles of number cards per page. These can be used as flash cards, used with matching manipulatives, or put on a bulletin board display in a number line for a math center.


Here are more examples of number cards from the Sharing Center: