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Tally Cards

Tally cards have a picture with boxes underneath. You can have 1 to 9 pictures per page and 1 to 8 checkboxes.

This material is a great visual organizer for collecting data. It can be used to track positive or negative behaviors. The boxes may also be used to write in information related for the picture.

Here are some examples of how Tally cards can be used:

  • A student can tally how many times he or she completes tablework and may receive a reward when all the boxes are marked.
  • A student may count how many times he or she states a specific sound in articulation therapy.
  • A student may spell and write each letter of the word in the boxes.
  • A student may mark how many syllables they hear in each word.
  • Small stickers may be placed in the boxes for students to point to each sound they hear in the word.
  • A student can tally how many sounds they hear in a word pictured.
  • This can be used as a visual to show how many times a certain exercise should be completed in OT / PT.
  • A students may tally how many times he or she uses an inappropriate behavior to track and try to reduce the number.

This template can be used in many ways depending on your need.


Here is a Free Sample of Tally Cards using /s/ pictures