Header Image for Dial


Brad Fasteners

The Dial template has up to 10 pictures  on a circle, and includes a cover sheet to mask all but one picture. 

Use a brad fastener to connect the circle of pictures to the cover sheet.  

There are many great ways to use the dial template. Here are just a few...



Place a schedule on the dial and spin the top to see what is next. 


Articulation Words

Make a dial with words that focus on sound or combination of sounds. Use the Soundfinder to help find words that contain your target sounds. 

Writing Prompts
Place characters or settings to help give ideas on what to write about. 
Story Sequence
Choose details from a story or nursery rhyme for the dial. As you read the story, move the dial along with each part of the story. 
Choice Board
Place items to choose on a dial such as sensory strategies, jobs, songs to sing, snacks, or center activities.