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Task Cards

Task Cards are a highly motivating tool that can be used across the curriculum. These cards that contain one thought, activity, or question per card. This template has 4 cards per page. Each card has a title, one picture, and wrapped text. 

Task cards can be used for individuals or groups. They can be used quietly or in noisy, game-like or conversational settings. When used in place of a worksheet, task cards do not overwhelm a student, but rather provide one task at a time. This way the child has a feeling of accomplishment with each card completed. Each card can provide differentiaing instruction, allowing for open-ended questions, multiple choice, written answers, verbal response, etc. Laminate cards to use again and again. 


Examples of Task Cards: 

Motor Planning: Can you do it? 


Core Word Question Cards: Focus on Core words for AAC. 


Getting to Know You: Conversation Starters


Simple draw a card questions: What animal is it? Students may act it out, draw it, write the word, or name the animal. 


Scavenger Hunt: Can you find things that match the shape? 


Social Skills: What would you do if....