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Wristbands provide visuals that are great for reminders, sensory strategies, speech words, or vocabulary. LessonPix has two wristband templates for a fun, wearable visual. One has multiple pictures and the other has wrapped text. 

Both the wristband templates come in two styles.

  • One has 5 strips to cut and tape around each wrist. You can have the pictures change on "each strip" for 5 different wristbands. Or, you may change the pictures "each page", making 5 identicle wristbands on each page.  
  • The other is a trifold wristband, for a thicker wristband to last a little longer. There are two wristbands per page. Just cut out the band and fold. 


Wristbands (Pictures)

These wristbands have 1-10 pictures, with or without text. These are great for visual schedules, sensory strategies, articualtion practice words, feelings, or story sequencing. 


Wristbands (Text)

These wristbands have one picture with wrapped text. Great for notes to families, bible verses, inspirational sayings, or strategies.