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Eye Gaze Frames

Eye Gaze Frames are a low-tech solution to determine the needs or wants of a person who is unable to communicate verbally.

LessonPix offers 3 styles of Eye Gaze Boards. 

  • Full 8 Position: Offer 8 Pictures evenly spaced around a square frame. 
  • Top 8 Position: Offers 8 Pictures evenly spaced on 3 sides of a frame. 
  • Color 38 Position: Offers 38 Pictures in groups of 6 for a two step board. 

The Color 38 Board provides a larger symbol display to communicate longer setences using core vocabulary. To use the Color 38 Position Frame, begin the same as the basic frames. "Look for the picture you want to tell me. Long blink to tell me you are ready."  Then ask for the symbol like this, "First - look to the area where your picture is located. Then look to the box color that matches the background of your picture. Last Confirm by looking at yes or no after hearing the word." For example, the communicator may look at the bottom middle and then at the yellow box to say the word, "get". 

Print your board 2-sided, front and back. These boards show the same pictures in the same locations on both sides; the back side is a mirror print of the front. Cut out the square in the middle to look through at your communication partner.

When communicating with your partner, establish your common rules. For example, you may verbally state, "Look for the picture you want to tell me. Long blink to tell me you are ready and then look at your picture." 



Here are some sample Eye Gaze Boards from the Sharing Center