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Picture Strips Templates

Picture Strips Templates show rows of pictures with 2-8 pictures per row. Each row has a gray background to separate the strips. This simple template separates these rows of pictures for sentence strips, pattern strips, math equations, spelling and more. Options on this template include: 

  • Title of the materials
  • Number of pictures in each row
  • Text positions - top, bottom, or none
  • Box color
  • Font
  • Grid Layout - allows you to rearrange pictures on a page

Here are some ideas to create with Picture Strips. Click the picture for ready-to-print materials fromthe Sharing Center

Sentence Strips

Follow sentence strips for left to right words. If students are using AAC devices or Core boards, use corresponding symbols. Here is the repetitive text from the story, "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen. 

Label the room with Core Vocabulary. 


Pattern Strips

Use pattern blocks to continue or create patterns. 

Use bingo markers to continue these patterns. 



Use letter manipulatives on top of this material to spell 3 letter animals. Then trace over the yellow letters to write the words. 


Alphabet Knowledge

Cut out the strips of letters and give to students in the class. Have students look around the room or in books to find each letter on their strip. 


Math Equations

Count the dots on each die to add these equations. Fill in your own equations using large classroom dice.