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Sorting Pictures Template

Sorting objects and pictures teaches several important skills and provides foundational skills for higher learning. Simple sorting objects by one or two attributes targets visual processing, comparative skills of same and different, organizational skills into categories, language and fine motor. This early processing skill needs to be developed in order to engage with mathematical learning. Sorting by categories promotes higher language and literacy by developing schemas for organizing new information. By comparing objects and information, students can recognize patterns and relationships for deeper conceptualizations and abstract thinking.  

The "Sorting Pictures" template provides 1 to 8 boxes as place holders for categories. 10 picture cards sit along the bottom of the page to be cut out and used in sorting. (Learn about our Sorting Mats for a template without pictures.) There is a field for additional directions if needed. 

Start sorting skills with objects or manipulatives first, and keep it simple with ounly 2 categories. Oncea child can sort objects well, then they may be ready to sort manupulatives.

Use manipulatives to sort shapes. Once students have a basic understanding, move to sorting respresentational pictures. 


For articulation therapy, sort sounds as you practice saying the sounds. 


Here we have students practice sorting simple laundry  pictures by colors. Then offer real laundry such as 2-3 colors of socks to sort. Fun practice for beginning life skills. 


Group animals by different categories. Here we sort by body type. Consider folloing up by sorting the same animals in other ways such as by color or number of legs. 



Teaching students about reduce, reuse, recycle promotes enviromental awareness. Start  in your classroom or home, beginning with teaching sorting on what is for composting and what is to be recycled.  


Many science concepts are taught by categorizing and comparing. Here is a sorting activity of states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. 


Have fun playing and sorting together!