Flash End-of-Life: LessonPix Will Be Fine.

We've been getting lots of questions about whether LessonPix will be impacted when Flash goes away... thankfully, we won't! LessonPix doesn't use Flash (or Silverlight or any other plugins) and will be fine.

LessonPix.com Adds Appropriate Pictures of Mature Subjects

LessonPix Restricted Images category now adds classroom-appropriate images of mature subjects.

LessonPix.com Releases AAC Overlays for GoTalk® Devices

LessonPix has partnered with the Attainment Company to create AAC device overlays for the full line of GoTalk® speech generating devices. GoTalk® users can now leverage the LessonPix symbol library with over 30,000 symbols.

LessonPix Partners with ProxTalker AAC Device

LessonPix and ProxTalker.com,LLC partner to deliver great symbols to a great AAC Device: the LOGAN™ PROXTALKER™

McDonalds® Happy Meal® Symbols

LessonPix now offers McDonalds® Happy Meal® Symbols

PediaStaff Chooses LessonPix

PediaStaff, a nationwide, niche-oriented staffing company focusing on the placement and staffing of pediatric therapists, today chose LessonPix.com as its provider for online teaching materials, classroom and therapy visuals and symbol libraries.

Soundable: a great new sound-based word game!

LessonPix and Tactus Therapy Solutions have teamed up to bring SLPs a great IPA-based word game: Soundable!