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Do and Do Not Cards


"Do and Do Not" cards provide a visual which shows 2 pictures. One picture has the word "Do" over it, and the other picture has the words "Do Not". The "Do Not" picture has a choice of X or the "no" sign on top of it.

You can use any of our 30,000+ symbols, such as those in our Rules Category or use your own!

This material allows teachers, parents, and therapists to create visual reminders of rules. These show what the child CAN DO as well as CAN'T. For example,a  teacher may show a picture of a child eating with the words "Bite Food" and a picture of a child biting a person with the words "Do Not Bite People".

Do and Do Not Cards can be used to make a social story book of the rules. A teacher may create a flip chart book to have for common misbehaviors (ie: do walk / do not run, do sit nicely / do not lean, do raise hand / do not yell, etc.). Parents may display a simple sign with a common misbehavior for a reminder.

Here is a free sample of some classroom rules.