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5 Ideas Using the Bingo Dauber Template

The Bingo Dauber template creates themed mats that show your symbols within circles. Use items on the circles such as bingo dauber, snacks, or playdough during targeted activities and informal assessments. This template provides spaces for 5, 10, 15, or 20 symbols. 

There are many fun themes to choose! Styles include: Butterfly, Dinosaur, Fall, Gift, Gingerbread, Gumball, Mermaid, Plain, Pumpkin, Raccon, Train, Turkey, and Turtle. 

Let's look at some ideas from the Sharing Center:

1. Bingo Dauber Choice Board: Use Bingo Dauber to mark which pictures are good choices. (Used in discussions with Tucker Turtle Story).

2. Artic Smash! Smash ball of playdough while practicing articuation words for speech. 

3.  Matching Coins Place matching coins on the map while naming the coins. Great for a math center. 

4. Assess Letter Knowledge: Use a bingo dauber, markers, or stamps to mark each letter (or letter sound) that the student can name. 

5. Milk Cap Match: Print 2 copies and cut out one set of circles. Stick the circle-shaped pictures in side milk caps. Have students match the characters in milk caps to the pictures on the mat. Use the same may and milk cap materials to play other games such as memory, what's missing, or hide golldfish crackers under milkcaps.



Check out the many styles here: