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"Ask For" Cards

Ask for Cards are visual reminders to ask for a specific items. The cards show a child asking and then the result. There are two styles:

  1. A picture of a child asking and then the picture of the item
  2. A picture of a child asking and two pictures of the requested item, one with an X to answer "no"

When a child demonstrates impulsive behaviors to take without asking or a lack of initiation to request, a visual cue can be used as a reminder. The simple cards shows a child asking and then the object. If the child is ready, the parent or teacher may use the card with 2 pictures under "then", one of "yes" and one of "no". This can help teach that asking doesn't always means you will receive, and wait for an answer.

These cards can be printed to display in a kitchen, at a desk, or on the wall to help remind a child to request an item. A teacher or therapist may put together a flip book with popular requests.

Here is a free sample of an "Ask For" Cards.

You may change the words to support different forms of consequences: 

  • Ask .... Then

  • Ask.... Listen (for answer yes or no)

  • Please..... Thank you

  • Tell.... Then

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