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Token Board

Token Boards are boards that allow studnets to place tokens on it. It prints a board with empty squares and picture cards at the bottom. You can choose to add a reward at the top (like an "I am working for") or choose no reward.

This simple template can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few ideas:


1. Tokens: Collect tokens for tasks or as reward for positive behaviors.  



2. I Am Working For: Students can collect tokens / picture cards as they work toward a goal. 



3. Story Vocabulary: Laminate cards and put velcro on each square. Place cards into the board-book version of this story where they each appear using velcro or sticky dots. As you read the story and find a picture card, remove the card from the page and place onto your token card. At the end, review the vocabulary picture cards pulled from the story. 

You can also do the reverse, placing the picture cards into the story as they appear. 



4. Story Characters: Place the characters in the story on the board. Students can choose a character from the baord to role play or place in the story. 


5. Speech / Phonological Awareness: Places tokens on the board that correspond to the target sound. Use two boards to compare and sort cards.