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Circular Narrative Template

The circular narrative template places one symbol in the center surrounded by 2-12 symbols. Great for circular story visuals, cycles, choice boards, and more! Check out some great ideas to do with this template. 

You can just place one picture in the tray and then choose "number of small pictures" to have emoty boxes surrounding.  


Circular Story Visuals

Circular Narratives are stories that circle back to the beginning, illuminating a cycle. Laura Numeroff uses this format in her beloved classic books such as "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" and "If You Give A  Moose A Muffin". "Rain" by Manya Stojic starts and ends with dry earth and a crack . 



Choice Boards

This visual can be used with a central activity with choices. 




Use this template for teaching word families, predictive chart writing, and more. 



Teaching Concepts Around a General Theme

Create a visuals with supporting ideas surrounding a theme: such as things that are slow, blue, or foods. 




Use this template to teach about science cycles such as life cycles and nature cycles. These may include animal life cycles, plant life cycles, weather cycles, etc. 


Articualtion Therapy Visuals

Create custom visuals for articualtion therapy or phonological awareness. 


Conversation Support Visuals

Add pictures related to a topic for discussion. 



Songs and Fingerplays

Create visuals for your favorite simple songs and fingerplays. 



Social Skills

Provide visual supports to give examples of social skills and expectations. Similar to the "When I Am" template, place the expectation in the center and strategies or examples surrounding. 



Other Ideas

Describing Mat

Feeding therapy

Building language- sentence completion.