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One Page Picture

This material is a s simple as it sounds. It is one picture per page with no boxes or extra words. You can chose horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) layout and with text or no text. 

Here are some ideas in using a one page picture.

  • Signs  - hang in a center or near a location
  • Visual Reminders - Great to have near to reminder of specific rules or directions.
  • Song Books - Make a flip book of picture cues to help students recall words to songs such as Rudolf or Wheels on the Bus
  • Nursery Rhymes - Make flip book to retell popular nursery rhymes
  • Social Skills - Show targeted social skills
  • Social Stories - Cutsomize for individuals for social stories with a visual cue.
  • Song Cards - Make 1 paper for each song in a theme. Have students select which songs they would like to sing and sequence first, second, and third. 
  • Placemats - laminate papers to make themes placemats for various sorting, matching, playdough, and snack activities.
  • Book Baskets - laminate and place in book baskets to identify theme or topic

Here is a free sample of 4 song cards  for the classroom.