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"I Am Working For" Template

This materials allows teachers, parents, and therapist to show a student the desired goal (a reward) and then the steps to earn it. You may choose only 1 item - the desired goal or up to 7 items, including the goal. When selecting the pictures for the steps, place the goal item last in the list.

The reward should be a preferred item and a good motivator. It can be a tangible item like favorite food, sticker, or a trip to the treasure box. Or, you may choose a preferred activity such as block area, ipad, drawing, legos, etc. 

Under each step is a checkbox. This is a great place to mark off when the step is completed. This can be done by the student, a peer buddy, or by the adult. When all the steps are completed, the child can then exchange the complete sheet for the reward posted at the top. 

If you want to laminate and reuse this page (and save color ink), check boxes with a vis-a-vis marker, small piece of playdough, or bingo marker. And... Magic Erasers are great for cleaning laminated plastic!

Place the visual nearby and use it as a reminder when needed.


You can change the title to say whatever you choose and adapt to whatever you need. Add photos to personalize. 

Note: This material was a direct request from one of our users from the #SLPeeps on Twitter. It is because of the feedback of our amazing users that we can build lessonpix as a valuable resource. Keep the ideas coming and a huge THANK YOU! 

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