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Themed Pairs

Let's Play with this cute and versatile template for matching pairs!

Themed Pairs Template holds 6 pictures per page on top of images that go together. Templates include two different pictures such as a fish and fishbowl as well as two halves of a picture like wings of a butterfly. Use these cards for matching same or corresponding items. Cut out the pictures for a matching game or draw a line to connect one to the other. We'd love to see your ideas for this template in the Sharing Center! 

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Here are some examples of the Themed Pairs Template. 


Matching Halves

In these templates, students find two halves that go together for hearts, shamrocks, and butterflies. 



Matching Pictures

Ball and Mitt 

"Let's play ball!" by matching the baseballs with their corresponding mitt.  Draw lines or cut out and match. 



Bee and Hive

Fly the bumblees to their correct hive. This sample uses dots on the bees that match to the numerals on their hives. 


Ice Cream and Cone

Here we match ice cream flavors and cones with pictures of items that go together. 


Bird and Birdhouse

Great for a file folder game! In this activity, I glued the bird houses and birds in a file folder game. Students search the room with pointers looking for items that match the shapes. I also created picture cards of items as well as a bin with manipulatives for students to sort. 



Pairs of Socks

Find the socks' matching pair. For added fun, clip with clothespin on a string. Here we matched items that go together. 



Ladybug and Leaf

Match the letters, uppercase to lowercase with this ladybug theme. 


Dog and Doghouse

Match the dog to his doghouse. Say the words as you match. 



Check out more styles of the "Themed Pairs" template.





Don't for get you can use real photos too! Use pictures to match working partners or for curriculum materials. 



Have fun learning and playing together!