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Graphing Sheets

LessonPix allows users to create graphing pages with your choice of pictures and words for various graphing lessons. Here are some great ideas for using graphing sheets to teach and practice graphing skills.

Snack Math: Snack time can turn into a fun and simple math lesson. Create graphing pages in LessonPix using pictures of snack foods and laminate. Give each child a small paper cup with the matching snack and have the children sort and count the different snack items. Snacks to graph may include....Trail Mix (ie: raisins, nuts, m&m's)

Weather Graphs: The class may create monthly graphs of the weather. Students may color to mark each day showing if it is sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowy. These monthly graphs may be collected in a class book for studens to compare weather trends in different months of the year.


"My Favorite" Graphs: Graphs may be created to collect data on students' favorite items. These graphs may be tied to curriculum lessons and themes. Some examples include:

Information Graphs: Students may collect data about various information from the class or surroundings. Here are some examples:

  • What color are your eyes? - Brown, green, or blue
  • What color are your shoes? - Brown, black, white, or pink
  • Are you a boy or a girl?
  • Hair color graph?
  • What are the colors of the cars in the parking lot?
  • How many children buy lunch and how many brought their lunch?


Science Center: Students can take a collection of items to sort, count and graph to develop early math skills.

There are so many ways for students to learn how to collect and organize data in a graph. LessonPix provides easy graphs to create with over 30,000 images to choose from or upload your own. LessonPix also gives you the option to choose if you would like numbers down the left side (y-axis) and lines to divide. You may choose no lines for young children graphing small objects It is customized by you for you - and you can print it today!


Free Sample of graph for a small cup of colored goldfish-shaped crackers