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Small Picture Books


Small books can be created with a picture and words on each page. You can choose to make a whole-page size book, half-page size books, and quarter-page size books. To make the half-page or quarter-page size book, each page of this pdf will need to be cut, placed in order, and stapled.

For best results, make the books as "whole page". Then, when you print the book, choose "print booklet" in your printer settings. The book will print best to match your specific printer. 

Here are some ideas of small books you can create:

  • Social Skills Narrative- Teach preferred behaviors  or replacement behaviors. 
  • Nursery Rhyme Books - Children "read" memorized stories and associate their spoken words to printed pictures and words. 
  • Concept Stories - Children can read memorized books of concepts such as colors, numbers, lifecycles, vocabulary, etc.
  • Retelling Stories - Children use picture cues in their own small book to recall story details from their beloved story such as fairy tales or popular children's books. 
  • Letter Books - Children can read books that contain pictures that start with the focus letter.
  • Articulation Books - Children can read books with pictures of targeted speech  words for practice. For example a book may be made with /ch/ words or final d words.
  • Language List Books - Children can read their book with language related to a theme such as "My Favorite Food" or "Clothing".
  • Song Books - Teachers and Children can learn and sing along with books with pictures from popular children's songs.
  • Photo Books - Children and Adults with Dementia / Alzheimers can read books with photos of familiar faces such as new classmates, family members, or doctors and therapists.

Here is a Free Sample of the book Jack and Jill

Clip art pictures can be selected in outline style to allow the children to color their book and save printer ink. 

Here is a Free Sample of the Story: Memorial Day

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