12 Types of Visual Supports to Help at Home

Visual supports are a research-based practice of using pictures or “visuals” to communicate. Because speech is a temporary signal – it is there and then gone, visual strategies help students focus on important information, see how concepts are connected, and integrate prior knowledge with new knowledge. Most people are visual learners.

Car Ride Activities

Taking a vacation with the kids? Create some customized activities to help make the car ride more fun.

Color-in Scavenger Hunts

Find item to find for a scavenger hunt and convert symbols to outline. Now kids can color each item as they find it!

Family Reunion Bingo

Upload your family pictures into Your LessonPix (private) to create a family Bingo game. Great way for younger children to learn the names of extended family members!

Healthy Living with LessonPix

Visuals can support healthy living by motivating, educating, guiding, and reinforcing positive behaviors and choices related to physical and mental well-being.

Kids Activities for Weddings

Planning a wedding? Add some activities for the kids' table or in a special treat bag.

Learning with Board Books

From baby to early childhood literacy, board books are great to grow with your child by turning into interactive story time.

LessonPix for Infants and Toddlers

LessonPix can be used to create everything from simple black and white or high contrast pictures for infant visual stimulation to simple picture books and song cards to facilitate language and early interactions from infancy and beyond.

Memory Matching Game

Parents can easily create a individualized and fun Memory Matching Game using pictures you select.

Sensory Boxes

Sensory boxes are great for tactile exploration and can be used for teaching as well. The boxes may consist of just about anything: rice, sand, water, jello, leaves, beans, etc.

Storytime Picture Cards

Here are some ideas to help parents enhance storytime with their children.

Summertime Home Fun

Summer is here and parents and caregivers are looking for ways to continue the learning at home. Check out these resources to make learning fun all summer long!

Talking about the Olympics

Looking for activities and visuals to learn about the Olympics? Check out these ideas form the Sharing Center.

Theme Party Games

Sometimes creating a requested theme birthday party for your child can be a challenge and take some creativity. LessonPix.com is a great website that allows users to create custom materials for theme birthday parties.



Travel Bingo Games

Lessonpix.com allows parents to create custom Travel Bingo Games for fit their specific needs.