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Search for the Right Symbol

With each new school year, teachers and therapists create beginning of the year materials. For a simple refresher of how to use lessonpix (refresher if you need), click on this video of Lessonpix under 2 minutes.

Here are a few ways of how you can search for the pictures you need at

  • Universal Search: When you enter a word in the menu bar search box, you may see results of images, materials from the sharing center, and articles.


  • Soundfinder and Other Search Tools:     
    • Soundfinder: The Soundfinder allows users to search by sounds in a word. This tool is great for looking for sounds  and combinations of sounds. (See article below)
    • Search by Letter: Looking for words that begin or end with a letter of the week? Search our picture library by searching by letter.  
    • Search by Pattern: Here you can type a pattern of consonants and vowels (such as CVCV) to find words that follow a similar pattern.   
    • Search by Rhyme: Here you can search for words that rhyme. The results may not always follow the same spelling pattern.   
    • Minimal Pairs: A minimal pair is a set of two words that differ by one sound (ie: dog/log, can/can't, shed/shred) . These are great for auditory discrimination, speech therapy, and spelling lessons. Begin by entering one set of minimal pairs, and the results will show all words that differ by the same sounds.  
    • Keyword Search: The keyword search finds pictures in the clip art library that match.        
  • Sharing Center Search: The search box in the sharing center gives results of materials from the sharing center. I have a tendency myself create the same materials with different content for my units. With the sharing center, I love seeing the ideas for new materials.  
  • Browse the Picture Library with over 30,000 pictures.

Now you have many ways to find the pictures you need. If you are working on the Letter of the week activities - search by letter. If you need therapy activities for speech, try the Minimal pairs tool or soundfinder. In generating activities to use by theme, browse the clip art library or search by keyword. Have fun playing and learning!