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Meet the New LessonPix Characters

The LessonPix Characters folder contains symbols of specific people of different ages, cultures, race, and disabilities in various positions.  While most of the people in the clip art library are drawn fairly neutral and can be changed to any skin tone, these characters each have an uniqe identity. 

These characters work well with our Symbol Builder. Because the characters are shown in different positions, you can build custom images of one child, the same child, doing different tasks. (Hint: use a white circle or square to hide parts of images or people to replace with the character.) 

And in addition, do not forget our Re-Color and Customize tool. This will allow you to further customize the symbols to match your specific needs. (Hint: Add pony tails, glasses, or other details in the Symbol Builder, and then change the color.) 


Here is a story about Emma using her AAC device. It has one character illustrating the skill objective.  

Learn more in this video: 

Have fun making your custom symbols!