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Story activities and materials for 

Bear Feels Sick

Book by Karma Wilson and Illustrated by Jane Chapman

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Bear Feels Sick tells the story of how friends take care of each other. This loving story utilizes rich vocabulary, fun rhymes, and stunning illustrations to show how friends care for their sick friend Bear.

This book is so adorable and loving; you do not need to spend time of vocabulary or concepts prior to a first read. Just relax and read the story together. Start with taking time to look at the beautiful illustrations on the cover. Ask, "What do you think this story is about?", "have you ever been sick?", and "who helps you when you don't feel well?"   


Discussion Questions: These questions promote conversation as you read or during a second reading. 


Vocabulary: This story has some beautiful vocabulary. Look through the book and use context clues to help decode the meaning of the words. 



Beginning, Middle, and End: What are the most important points of the story in the beginning, middle, and the end? 


Story Details: Look through the book and check what the animals did to help care for Bear. You may look to see which animals did what and notice how they worked together. 


How to care: Create a semantic map showing how the animals cared for their friend. This material has a map with the details from the story, and a blank map to generate new ideas on how to care for a friend. You may add new ideas that the animals didn't consider such as make a card or draw a picture. 


Writing: Write together how you can show you care for someone who is sick. Practice reading and writing the characters in the story.



Rhyming: There are many rhymes in this beautiful story. Put together puzzle pieces of rhyming words from the story.


Alphabet Knowledge: Go on a letter hunt in the story. Students can use magnifying glasses or wikisticks to hunt for specific letters. 

Decorate this letter B as a bear or with beads or balls (pom poms).  Have students cut and paste the images that start with the "B" sound onto the B. Practice rainbow writing..give the kids crayons in the colors of the rainbow and have them write a B inside the B in each color.



Animal Vocabulary: Who are the Characters in the story? Look at real photos of these animals. Where do they live? Do they hibernate? Play Bingo to help teach the animal in the story while practicing listening, following rules, and matching.  


Find the animals from the story: This Find The Picture templates promotes visual perceptual skills and vocabulary. 


Retelling: Glue animal characters on popsicle sticks to use in retelling the story.  


Or use finger puppets for retelling - or tape to pencils for fun while writing. 




Most of all, enjoy the precious moments together sharing a beautiful story of caring for a friend.