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Peter's Chair by Ezra Jack Keats

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This award-winning classic tells the story of Peter who has a new baby sister. First he has to be quiet and then his father paints his baby furniture pink! He discovers that his old chair has not been painted - yet!. He just has to run away. This beloved story delves into feelings related to the arrival of a new sibling and showcases the growth and change of the main character Peter as he learns to accept change. 

Check out these activities to support reading and comprehension of this beautiful story. 


Story Vocabulary

Here are clip art symbols of vocabulary from the story. 

stretch tall
cradle fussing
arrange crash
muttered quietly


Discuss or act out story vocabulary. 


Comprehension Questions

Ask these questions as you reread or following the story. (Download as Powerpoint to use with distance learning or interactive whiteboards)

Here is a visual with evidence of Peter's feelings in the beginning and at the end. Great for discussions of plot development.