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Story Activities for 

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

by Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is an alphabet story that has delighted young children for generations. If you are not familiar with this story - check out any of the readings on YouTube! This is such a fun story to teach letter names, rhyming, and sequencing. 


Review new vocabulary in the story. 



Ask simple questions about the story. Use visual answer cards as needed for support. 



Decorate and attach letters to craft sticks for retelling. Don't forget some googley eyes!

Retell the story using these story visual. 

Use a picture of a palm tree and letters to retell. Use letter stamps or magnetic letters. 


Make your own coconut tree or buy one ready to use. 


Here are some alphabets to cut out and use with props such as a coconut tree. 



Alphabet Knowledge

Check out these alphabet activities to use with this fun alphabet story. 

  • Go on a scavenger Hunt to find these wandering letters! (look in books or around the room). 


  • Teach sign language letters. Make the letters while re-reading this fun story! Incorporate alphabet practice with AAC.


or Use the Braille alphabet or high contrast letters.


  • Match corresponding letters


  • Hide magnetic letters in a sensory box. Place this page on a cookie sheet and attach with hot glue or tape. As students find the letter magnets, they match the letters on this page. 


  • Put together alphabet puzzles. 


  • Play Guess Who- asking questions about the form or sound of a word. Some questions may include, "Is it a vowel?", "Does it have a diagonal line?", "Does it have a curve?",  "Is it in the word "apple"? 


Writing Letters

There are many mediums in which to write letters. Try air writing, using a variaty of tools, writing in sensory boxes (sand, rice, shaving cream, etc.), driving a matchbox car, forming with playdough, positioning objects or your body, and so much more!  

  • Exercise with Jack Hartman's Letters

  • Practice Writing the Upper case letters. 

  • Trace matchbox cars on letter roads


  • Playdough Mats



Can you find rhyming words in the story? How many words and letters rhyme with "tree"? 



Onomatopoeias and Scat

Look at the silly words in the story that add to the beat. Why do you think the author uses them? 

Learn more about scat in music. 



Count the coconuts and add them to the tree. 



Decoreate each letter and put together in a class book. 


Core Vocabualary

Add Core and Fringe boards to support communication while reading. 



Here are a variety of Alphabet activities from the sharing center to extend practice:




Most of all have fun learning and playing together!