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Story Activities for

Angelina Ballerina 

by Katharine Holabird

Angelina Ballerina is about a fictional mouse who wants to become a ballerina and learn to balance dancing with her responsibilities. This beloved book has inspired over 20 books and animated televisions series. 

Support the author by buying this book. Check out this YouTube video of Katharine Holabird reading her book aloud. 

Here are some sun activities and visuals to support literacy concepts.


Introduce the Story

Look at the cover of the book together. What do you think this story is about? Note details such as a character dreaming and the script font of the title. Acknowledge the author and illustrator. 

This book is about a mouse named Angelina and her dream to become a ballerina. Follow students lead in discussing "what is a ballerina". "Do you think her dream will come true?" 

Look at just a few of the illustrations in the beginining and make predictions. As you read, stop along the way to check if the predictions are true or false. (DR-TA)


Story Vocabulary

Review story vocabulary prior to reading or just following the first read. Here are some words you can find in the book. Add specific words on a word wall or chart. 

There are so many rich verbs in this story. Here are just a few action words - see if you can find them. 


Do a scavenger hunt looking for words in the story. Or play a fun game to play with new story vocab. 




Cut and attach to a craft stick to make a mouse ballerina puppet to use with the story. How does the character grow and change in the story? What did her parents do that helped Angelina change? 

Talk about the main character Angelina. How did she achieve her dream? What is your dream? 

Decorate your mouse to achieve its dream. For added fun, add a silly rhyming name such as "Fireman Dan" or "Astronaut Scott" or "Drilly Billy". 



Print question cards to go with the story. 


Alphabet Knowledge

Notice specific letters in the text. For example, "I see a b, that's the same letter in Billy's name!" Go on a scavenger hunt to find more B's in the book or around the classroom. 

Here is an alphabet book using vocabulary from the story. 


Phonological Awareness 

Let's play with syllables in words. Clap out the words in the title. How many claps does each word have? An-ge-lin-a...        Bal-ler-in-a.... 4 claps! What other words have 4 syllables?  


Can you match the rhymes? 



Match the words from the story to pictures. 

Match these action words. 



Practice writing verbs from the story. 

Tell about your favorite part of the story. 




Talk about items Angelina used to help learn to be a ballerina. Color the items from the story. 

Sort other occupational items into categories. 



Community Helpers

Talk about different careers people may have. 


Let's Dance!

Talk about different kids of dancing. 

Practice dancing by following youtube videos. 

Explore various types of learning to dance!



Most of all, have fun learning and dancing together!