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Story Activities for 

Romeo Riley, The Boy Who Saw Too Much

by April M. Whitt

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"Romeo Riley, The Boy Who Saw Too Much" by April M Whitt is a chapter book about a young man with cerebral palsy who loves to solve mysteries. He moves with his power wheelchair and speaks with his communication device, but nothing will slow him down! While seeking the truth, Riley finds himself on a wild adventure that ends with a surprise. 

For children with disabilities, there are very few books that star characters with special needs. This book shows a variety of students with a wide range of challenges, and April Whitt treats disabilities as a part of a person's uniqueness. (DJ is tube fed, Esme is legally blind, Blythe is the prettiest girl in school!). Learn more about this book at

This 57 page chapter book seems written for elementary to middle school students.

Here are some activities to support learning objectives from the story: 



This book is filled with rich langauge. As you read, make a list of new vocabulary words. Post specific age-level words on a word wall for reference. 

Here are some of the words from the book. See if you can find them. 




Check out comprehension question about the story. Print and place within story for comprehension breaks during a read-a-loud. Or use for a Romeo Riley trivia contest.  




Who are the characters in the story? What do you thing each character looked like? 


Make stick puppets and act out scenes from the story. 

Play a board game using characters form the story. 

Play headbandz or charades. Players must give clues as to which character you represent. 



Here are some open-ended discussion questions about the story. 



Tell about your favorite part of the story. 


Hope you enjoyed this book! Have fun learning and reading together!!