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The Good Egg by Jory John

"The Good Egg" by Jory John is a delightful children's book about a conscientious egg who feels the need to be perfect all the time. He tries to fix the flaws of his fellow eggs, but eventually, he becomes exhausted and overwhelmed. Through a journey of self-discovery, he learns the importance of balance and self-care, realizing that it's okay not to be perfect all the time. Ultimately, he finds happiness in accepting himself and embracing the imperfections of others.

Here are some activities to use with this great story. 



The Good Egg is filled with rich vocabulary. Choose the vocabulary words to target. find these chosen word in a scavenger hunt or preview these words before reading. 

Play a game to practice using and talking about these new words. 



What were some things that the Good Egg did? What were some of the things the bad eggs did? 

Who did it? Sort the actions in the story. 



What happened in the beginning of the story, the middle, and at the end. How did the main character change through the story? 




Draw a picture of the main character and tell about your favorite thing he did to help heal is cracks. 

Write a letter with tips on how to practice self-care. 


Write your own Egg story. Are you a good egg or a bad egg? How do you change? 



Managing strong feelings can be challenging. What are some strategies you can do when you feel anxious? 

Identify diffreent feelings. Delve into deeper feeling and understanding that people may view the same situation differently. For example, some people may be scared on a roller coaster and others may feel excited. 

Place emojis on a stick to label feelings during class discussions. 

We may not recognize when we are starting to feel upset until the cracks show. Schedule times to self-monitor personal feeling so you can mange before things get out of control. 

What are something strategies to help calm?



Social Skills

Talk about when things are in our control and when things are not. For example, tell of a time when you had to manage strong feelings, but could not leave. What could you do? 

Write note about situations where you can give advice to a friend who is making bad choices. Think about when you should tell an adult, even if it may make your friend upset. 

Talk about tattling and how to manage when friends are making wrong choices. 



Alphabet Knowledge

Consider the letter E in Egg. Does it make the long sound or a short sound? Can you name things that start with the letter E? 

Trace and/or decorate the letter E. 

Check out these other E activities. 



Phonological Awareness

Make 2 copies and play a memory matching game with these /-eg/ words. 



Match plastic eggs to the picture. 


Dye hard boiled eggs. Make faces on the eggs to represet different feelings.