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Story activities and visuals for

Ruby Find A Worry by Tom Percival


"Ruby Finds a Worry" by Tom Percival is a heartwarming picture book that follows a young girl named Ruby who discovers a worry that won't go away. Through her journey, she learns to cope with her worry by talking about it and finding ways to manage it. With charming illustrations and a gentle message about the importance of addressing and sharing our worries, it's a delightful story for children dealing with anxiety or uncertainty.


Story Vocabulary

Review story vocabulary before or as you read. 

Can you read these words from the story? 

Play with the new vocabulary such as doing a scavenger hunt looking for the new words or play memory matching using the new words. 




Use visuals as needed as you ask comprehension questions during or after the story. 


Concept of "Worry"

What is a worry? Describe things that make you feel worried. 

Talk about different scenarios and rate level of worriness. 


Strategies for Managing A Worry

What does Ruby do help shrink her worry? Talk about things you can do when you are worried. 



Identify different feeling.


Act out different feelings. 


Teach students how to identify their own feelings throughout the day. 




Play with R-W sounds.


Letter Play

This story have several W words: worry, worst, when, wondered, etc. 



Write about a worry you have had. 

Have fun learning and growing together.