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Dot the Fire Dog by Lisa Desimini

This simple story shows a day in the life of firefighters and their fire dog, Dot. Fire safety and community helpers are common themes in primary classrooms. Check out some of these great materials to support this story and fire safety concepts. 



This story uses important safety vocabulary to teach young learners. Use these "Picture and Word Cards" to display on a word wall or match in the book. 

Talk about what Dot sees in the story. Make a list. 




Comprehension questions check understanding and highlight important information from the story. Ask the questions and use the multiple choice visual answers as needed to support children with language delays.

Print 2 per page for smaller question cards or open in google slides or PowerPoint for distance learning. 


Here are visuals of the events in the story. Put together this as a small book and use for story read-along or retelling. 

Use a bingo marker or smash playdough balls on the events from the story as you reread.



Story Sequencing

Use this flap schedule as you read. Close each flap as the events happens in the story. The use the picture cards to sequence the events. 




Write these common words from the story.

For younger children, trace the line to connect two objects. Talk about their connection in the story. (ie: dog gets in the truck, firefighter gets the old man, etc. )


Fire related math


Here are some more materials to teach about fire safety: 


Have fun learning and playing together!