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My Gratitude Jar by Kristin Wiens

This book tells the story of the main character Jacob who learns the value of daily gratitude. His teacher gives a class project where each student creates a "Gratitude Jar".  Jacob and the reader learns that being grateful makes us happy and reminds us that not all days are bad.

You can find this story on YouTube read by the author here


Here are 7 activities to go with this story. 

1. Make your own Gratitude Jar


2. Small book: Adjust printer settings to print this small book for students. 


3. Write your gratitudes: List or draw things you are thankful for and display on a bulletin board. 


4. This book talks about being grateful for big things like meeting a new friend and for small things like when someone smiles at you. Think about different things in your life, good or bad and sort if they are big or small. 



5. Talk about ways you can practice gratitude each day


6. Write a Thank You letter



7. Discussion on Manner words - Please and Thank you