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The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

The Kissing Hand is a classic beginning-of-the-year story for young children to help with separating from their families to go to school. In this story, young Chester Raccoon cries because he doesn't want to go to school. His mom tell him that sometimes everyone has to do things they don't want to do. But, she has a secret gift that can help him cope with his feelings - a kissing hand! 

Check out these story activities and visuals to use with this beautiful story. 


Story Vocabulary

Here are some vocabulary words from teh story. Review before you read, find as a scavenger hunt in the story, or post on a word wall for reference. 

Here are other vocabulary visuals. 

Play a Bingo game using story vocabulary. This material from the Sharing center has 18 different bingo cards! 



Place discussion question cards in the story to ask as you read aloud and check for understanding. 



Retelling Puppets

Create stick puppets to retell this story or hold as you read. 


Write about it!

Students can share their feelings about this story or their first day of school by writing or drawing. 



Science - Raccoons!

Look at nonfiction materials to learn more about raccoons. Create a class map with what you discovered. 

Check out YouTube Videos like this one to learn more!



Enjoy making some delicious cookies to send back home to mom. 


AAC Visuals

Here are some visuals to use with augmentative and alternative communication. 



Talk about Feelings

Dsicuss strong feelings. When did you ever feel scared or alone? 


Look at feelings on a continuum. It helps to identy your feelings so you can find a strategy to help. 


Here are some social narratives about feelings. 



More Fun Activities