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Bug by Robin Koontz

Story Activities

Bug" is the nickname of an adorable girl who loves bugs. She also loves to draw bugs. When her class was challenged to pass a math test, (Bug's worst subject), she found a motivating way to learn math. Check out this great story by Robin Koontz and visuals and activities to support it. 



Print these vocabulary words to display on a word wall or match in the book. 


Here are many comprehension questions relating to the story. Print the questions that correspond to the age level and learning objectives needed. 

Phonological Awareness - syllables (and artic)

Print on cardstock and cut vertically piece of the image for each syllable (not the whte space). You can teave the area below the image blank and have the student figure out how to divide or count the syllables, or you can write each part of the syllable on the appropriate piece. You can also attach to individual file folders before cutting to make flaps to write sounds inside.  These images contain a variety of articulaion sounds to work on as well.


Review the attributes that make an "insect" and then have the students cut the images out at the bottom and glue them into the correct column.  Little Bug/Big Bug sort and picture cards by Tali Kellerstein.



Bugs in Math

Use bug manipulatives to solve these math sentences. 

Check out more fun math activities from the Sharing Center. Here are a few buggy favorites. 





Science - Discover Bugs and Insects

Bug loves bugs. Learn all about bugs - how they are the same and different. Consider their attributes and adaptations. You may become as interested in bugs as Bug. Do you think the bug on the card is cool or creepy?  Would you hold/touch one?

Name the Bug 

Name the bug as you find it. 


Describe bugs using attributes as you play Bug Headbandz or Bingo


Check out these great kid bug videos to learn more about bugs. 


Writing and Fine Motor Skills

Add activities to practice fine motor cutting and drawing skills. 


Write the Bug Name

Draw your favorite bugs

Color and Write about the Bugs. Use different materials sich as grass, beads, paints, glue, watercolor, or sandpaper. Make a class book. 


So many bug art projetcs and ideas. (Click on the picture to learn more)



Gross Motor Skills

Move like a bug! 

Look at how things move. Imitate for gross motor fun. Check out this Jack Hartmann video on moving


Be a Bug Collector

Go in your backyard and look for bugs. 


When you find a bug, have students do a "technical drawing" of the bug. This is drawing what you see - exactly the color, details, etc. 

Check out even more related LessonPix activiites in our Insect Thematic Unit.

Most of all, have fun learning and playing together!